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Dead Frontier Ultimate Guide

There are so many players involved in the dead frontier 3D game. Looting is the main feature of the game and there are so many new players think looting can be frustrating task of the game. However looting is impotent for Massive multiplayer online (MMO) and can be done effectively when it is strength forward and simple.  

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Dead frontier is the game in which players have to kill the Zombie as fast they can. So players always have a question in mind which is how to kill more zombies.

Tips for Dead Frontier game

Master weapon and armors: They have so many master armors and weapon which are available in market at cheap prices.  Armour’s those who have decent agility can easily get at $5000 to the $500000. If you consider money here then do not think much about it as they are worthy and can boost the state of level. If you have the combination of the three items then you can easily boost the level up to three.

Know your gaming platform: The game supports the fictional support which is Fairview. Fairview has so many blocks, streets, house, market areas, warehouse, hospital and police station. You need to understand your world areas completely to deliver the better results. You can define discrete square areas which are different from the other areas and can work as your intended destination.

Avoid useless communication: The primary focus on the game should be survival. Stopping to find out status of other survivals is just giving the opportunity to be killed by the Zombie. It is always better to change your position with the other players. You need to make sure that you are not followed by the Zombie even at the outposts you can be killed by the Zombie while chatting with someone.

Plan your routes: Fairview is the place which is filled with the so many deadly Zombies. If you really want to survive you need to choose route carefully while going from one location to other. You cannot just wander around the street.

Obstacles can help: Zombies are mindless animals. You can use some obstacles to trap them. But make sure you are considering the obstacle carefully because sometimes you can be in trouble while using the obstacle for Zombie. If there is rush always prefer to go in go place and avoid tight spots.

Keep your destination in mind: When you let the outpost you are on the mission. Keep in mind you have to kill as many Zombies as you can and also keep yourself safe. You need to make sure some essential points. If you are coming back to your outpost while Zombie is in the position of outpost attack you need to consider some measure here.

Dead Frontier Looting Tips And Tricks

Looting is essential part of the game. It is the action of searing anything in the inner city. Too many players in the dead frontier game can make you feel sick. Looting is the significant part and if done properly can be simple and straight forward.

Dead Frontier boss map can also help you to find the current location of bosses in the inner city.

Looting can be pretty intense if you are doing Boss hunting. Boss Zombie is the one who’s size, strength and speed is good enough to make you down.  No matter what type of weapon you are using because you always have to face the aggro spikes and DPS weapons. Aggro stands for aggravation. Loud weapon can agro the Zombie and let them chase you but quite weapon not have much agro circle and rate. There are multiple types of Zombie who pay attention to all and check what they are actually doing. Here are some points to focus on while doing looting in Fairview.

  1. Choose proper weapon: You need to choose the proper weapon such as pistol, rifle and melee. There are 100 types of weapon which have different configuration and advantage. You can choose the one which is perfect for the looting. Try to choose the loud weapons which are designed to deal with high aggro spikes.
  2. Attain the perfect states: There are chances you can be critically hit. If you are critically hit by anyone there is no more option to use weapon perfectly. For example if you have cut, there are 80 % chances that you cannot get shot with weapon.
  3. Go to fort pastor: There are so many forts located at the end zones. Fort pastor is one of the most populated forts and it has enough law and supply demand. You can easily find out strongest economy there.
  4. Agility plays vital role: It defines how fast you can move from one place to other place. This can give idea how fast you can reach fort Pastor.
  5. Count on various economy of game: Fort pastor is the best player for selling and buying of weapons. South east zone is the best place for the selling of the ammo. You should know which place can give you enough economy and services.
  6. Carry enough supplies and equipment while leaving fort pastor: You need to have enough inventories to reach your destination. If you do not choose your essential before, there is chance that your survival is tough before you reach the looting destination.
  7. Understand looting building: Prepare yourself before looting. Understand the structure of the building because aggro spike can even kill the experienced player.

Points to remember while doing boss hunting

  • Understand the basic facts about the Zombie which is his strength, location and weakness.
  • Use efficient and effective weapons to defeat the various bosses.
  • Define requirements to deal with the boss.

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